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  5/ 5 stars -           based on 100+ Customer Reviews

"Originally was skeptical but took a shot and the site worked perfectly. Fast and effective!"


"Excellent and efficient service as always!"


"Fast as easy to do highly recommend"


"This is so cool! I've been buying these cards for years for all the obvious reasons, but have always had to wait for a friend to travel to the states to kindly buy one for me which basically was a big hassle. This is awesome, dead simple to do and fair price. Thanks heaps. I certainly will repurchase when my credit runs down."


"Just what I needed! First website advertised in google to obtain a US iTunes card. Efficient service! I will be returning in the near future. Thanks!"


"Pretty legit! Get the code straight away and off ya go mate! Off to go watch a film only available in the US!"


"Legend, was quick as advertised and customer support was very helpful"


"A great way of topping up your account without having to physically be in the country. Fast and reliable service."


"Fast and full working, great!"


"So quick awesome I'll keep coming here for iTunes cards"


"Buy all the time changed a little since I last purchased one but seems as simple as before only site I trust to buy my cards thank u"


"As advertised, not a scam. Instructions for creating US iTunes account are also up to date and accurate."


"It was brilliant ! Virtually instantaneous!"


"Fair dinkum, you ROCK!!!! Best service EVER!!!!"


"So quick and easy."


"Instant working code. Very happy with reasonable price. 10/10. P.S I recommend you put a North Dakota address in on iTunes since they don't charge tax for digital purchases so you won't run into issues."


"Amazing experience, was so easy and so helpful, in setting up my account, I highly recommend iTunesDirect, I'll never go anywhere else"


"By far the easiest, hassle free way! Everything works promptly, no fear of credit card fraud because PayPal's got your back, and no fear of it not working with 100% guarantee. I'll never use another site again. This is awesome."


" Code arrived within seconds of paying via PayPal - too easy."


" Absolutely fantastic code came through in seconds :)"

Jesse Testimonial

Awesome Service!



"Breaking Bad, House Of Cards on Netflix, Its Always Sunny, Doctor Who and Sons of Anarchy... I download them all using the iTunes cards from iTunesDirect"

Peter Testimonial

iTunesDirect is Awesome!



"This is a reliable service that I have used many times for refilling my US iTunes account."

Linda Testimonial

Great Service!


"a great service, fast and most importantly it worked. Thank you"

Lisa US iTunes Direct Testimonial

Super Cheap!


"I just downloaded a bunch of music super cheap using US iTunes Direct. Paying around a $1 per song is way better than $2.29."

Aaron US iTunes Direct Testimonial

Thanks US iTunes Direct!


"It's pretty cool that you can get Music and TV shows from the US Apple iTunes store with US iTunes Direct. The US has better prices on everything and the exchange rate makes the deal even sweeter. Thanks US iTunes Direct"

Will US iTunes Direct Testimonial

Rock Solid!


"I got Inception before its Australia release using US iTunes Direct. Rock Solid"


"Used again and response time under 1 minute. Fantastic"


"My first time to try this service, and it is awesome. Quick response and I got to add credits to my iTunes account in less than 5 minutes after purchasing online. Kudos to the team!"


"Very easy! Code was received instantly after completing payment!"


"Fast, always works, easy to buy and pay, faultless service, excellent communication. Cannot rate too highly, THANKS!!!!"


"Simply IT WORKS. They do what they say they will do. Its as easy as that"


"So easy, fast and it simply works"


"I have used this site a lot and it makes my life Easy and the pricing is fair so thanks lads"


"Great service and fast compared to the other one I tried first. Your simple screens and link to PayPal makes this a painless way to get what I need. Then ten seconds later my code arrives. Thanks you are stored as my go to for cards now"


"I was sceptical at first, but I cannot fault iTunes Direct. Customer service is A+ and product really is delivered instantly. Probably one of he best online shopping experiences I've had in ages!"


"Quick and user friendly."


"Easy and fast service , always works, thank you, thank you"


"Does exactly as advertised -- even when I mistyped my email, and had to send a correction, iTunesDirect came through quickly. A great service, thx Ben, I'll be back!"


"At my son's suggestion I decided to give US iTunes Direct my business because I wanted to sign up for a HBO Now subscription. It was an easy and quick transaction all the details on the web site were easy and simple to follow. Using PayPal was great because I did not have to disclose my details to the seller, plus the buyer protection option is always available. So my end result that I have a US$100.00 credit to take care of the HBO Now subscription for the next 6 months. Great see you in October!"


"Great service, prompt and reliable."


"Hi - completely impressed by the ease and speed of the service. Will definitely be using this going forward and am recommending it to my friends as well."


"I literally had my iTunes voucher redeemed 15 minutes after purchase, so quick and easy and now I can binge watch EVERYTHING on HBO Now... you guys rock!!"


"My life just changed forever...."


"Great offering. Very easy to use"


"Quick easy turn around and good price."


"For me, itunesdirect is helpful to the individuals with US itunes account living outside U.S.. I can top up my account as long as i want it with the perfectly awesome service provided by iTunesDirect. Im so glad that iTunesDirect exist giving like us people to buy US itunes top up and enjoy freedom in our hands. Thank you so much., cheers"


"Easy, no hassles access to iTunes cards. This site makes getting the content you want at a reasonable price as straight forward as possible!"


"Fast and efficient service!"


"I'm impressed. I received my iTunes voucher in less than a few minutes."


"Love USiTunes Direct, they make it easy to get the shows they don't release in the Australian store."


"Brilliant. Timely response that enabled me to get the things I wanted from the states. Can't fault them."


"The best way for me to get US iTunes card here in Iceland, with minimal overhead and quick service. Last time there was a problem with one of the codes, and it was resolved almost immediately after I had reported it!"


"I have purchased 2 iTunes cards from iTunesDirect and I have been happy with the service."


"A valued service thanks"


"iTunes Direct is an amazing service. It is the only site that I trust to provide genuine US iTunes gift cards. I have never had any problems and will continue to buy with confidence!"


"Having being an Aussie expat in the US for 6 years I had an address and credit card and of course an Apple US account - but now back in Oz, I needed a surefire way to keep my US account and content coming my way. Haved used iTunesDirect for the last 12 months and found them quick and reliable. Great service guys!"


"Fast. Efficient. Works every time."


"Great prices and great service!! First time I used these guys, the confirmation process was a breeze and I had my iTunes card before I could blink"


"I love iTunes Direct. I was so happy to find it. I've been purchasing a US iTunes card every month from this site for 18 months and couldn't be happier with the product and service. If you want to buy a US iTunes card online, this is the site to use. Thanks iTunesDirect, keep up the great work."


"Super easy to do. Highly recommend."


"It's quick and easy"


"Best US iTunes-Card-Service in Australia. Period!"


"Was really good. Fast digital delivery and good value. We only buy from this site."


"This works, I now have an operating US iTunes account. Very happy to see shows as they are released and not months or years later. Thank You"


"A great and desperately needed service professionally executed at a great price...Recommended"


"Awesome place that allows me to watch movies MUCH in advance of anywhere in the world. Great work team"


"Fantastic and reliable way to purchase US iTunes gift cards. I have successfully topped my US iTunes account this way many times."


"Hassle free transactions EVERTIME and super fast turn- a-round. Very legitimate."


"iTunesDirect is safe: When I run out of USA iTunes cards I always turn to iTunes Direct as its safe and fast. You always have the PayPal protection. Fantastic service. If your concerned about buying these iTunes card codes don't be. Even iTunesDirect makes sure its you making the purchase not someone who has stolen your account details."


"Excellent , prompt service and so pleased it is Australian based. Good work :)"


"No fuss, no ties and no complications. The savings made when buying from the U.S. iTunes and app stores more than make up for that little extra paid. Outstanding."


"Provide prompt service, as advertised."


"I purchased 3 x $US10 iTunes cards back in March 14 to try these guys out & make sure they were legit. I have no worries here. The transaction was all good, easy to process…went thru Paypal & the 3 codes provided all worked successfully on the US iTunes store. So I have no issue recommending these folks based on performance to date."


"Quick and reliable"


"I like how easy it is to buy."


"My code arrived almost instantly, and was valid. Can't ask for much more than that."


"Wont order from anywhere else... Fantastic service!"


"I have used a couple of other services in the past and have been a bit frustrated with the rigmarole involved in getting the cards. iTunesDirect is great, simple to use and efficient. Highly recommended."


"Service is fast and reliable with good support. No tricks, just exactly what is ordered is supplied."


"Love iTunes direct"


"Great service, always accurate."


"Easy and convenient and user friendly purchase system these guys are the best out there!! use with 100% confidence."

Kim Testimonial

It Works!



"The iTunes code was emailed to me promptly and I was able to successfully open an American Apple ID for the iTunes Store. All has worked well so far"

Hylton Testimonial

Awesome Service!


"Awesome Service!"

Ethan US iTunes Direct Testimonial



"I used to download TV Shows using the Australian iTunes but it cost an arm and a leg. Now I use US iTunes Direct to access to the US iTunes site which has better pricing and I got the latest season of Entourage months before I could have got it in Aus."

Martin US iTunes Direct Testimonial

Get Movies Before AUS Release!


"US iTunes Direct allows me to get movies for less and often before their Australian release date. Cheers guys."

Nika US iTunes Direct Testimonial



"I had heard about using the US Apple iTunes store to get good deals on Music and Movies but I didn’t know how to open an account and fund it. US iTunes Direct showed me how to do everything. I get what I want and its simple to use. Plus it's an Australian company so I trust them"


"It's great Mate, Woof! So quick. I had the code in seconds after payment. Used your instructions to set up my US account and they worked perfectly. Couldn't be easier. Bonzer! Now watching my favourite shows without having to wait for FTA channels to eke it out over 12 months. So glad I found your site. You guys Rock!!"


"What you need, When you need it. I had been for months trying to download the every dollar happy from the App Store and it is only available in the US store. I had an account there but I think I lost it since I haven't used for at least good 10 years. So in need of another account a validation process was required and was asking me either credit cards or iTunes Card... So a simple google on online iTunes cards took me to this store and AAAHHHHH ... boom... US$10 to spend and I downloaded my apps... Best of all, I didn't need to use a Credit Card. Thanks Ben... You are 'bastard' Genius! (-:"


"Fantastic and immediate delivery"


"Great service and quick delivery. Will be buying from them often."


"Quick turn around for cards, pricing is not much more than the exchange rate (they gotta make a little profit right?) and they update that fairly regularly as the markets fluctuate, great service guys!"


"Was reasonably hesitant about purchasing US iTunes cards online as my Aussie Visa card had been rejected at most U.S. retailers. I'm seriously impatient and I was thrilled with the turnaround and very simple process. Additionally I was happy to use my PayPal account for a little extra comfort around the security / financial front. Thank you!"


"I was a new customer to this site and i wasn't too sure how good it would be but after reading the reviews i decided to give it a go and found it to be a genuine site with fast and efficient service. I received my US itunes card and entered it into the itunes redeem section and it worked instantly. I will be using ItunesDirect again, very happy, cheers."


"great service"


"Quick & Easy"


"Great service! Any fears I had about this being a scam were put to rest when I got my iTunes Card details instantly and then was up and running with my US account. Loved the celebratory kiss before you sent it..knew you were a dinkum Aussie then :)"


"i'm really happy to have found this service, first time purchaser and was blown away at the speed it took to get my gift card code! will definitely be coming back. thank you!"


"My first time and it worked like a dream...Thanks heaps for this service."


"Great service not only told me how to get an USA iTunes acc but provides quick service for the iTunes card emailed to me in New Zealand...."


"I have purchased a couple of times and found to be great value, and allows me to watch content that isnt available in Australia yet"


"It is very easy to use and allows me to purchase content that isn't available in Australia. Thanks heaps!"


"We feel that iTunesDirect is fair dinkum because they offer a very competitive rate and price and allow us to but iTunes stuff at the reduced US price, therefore saving us getting ripped off! You save in two ways. 1. You get to access iTunes media heaps earlier than on the AUS iTunes store. 2. Why pay 10.00 for 15.00 $ AUS more for the same content. Someone is making heaps of money from us in Australia when it come to iTunes purchases, and it is not iTunesDirect. They are allowing the little guy a chance to get good value for money with very little effort required on your part. Keep up the great service you provide."


"Quick and easy way to top up my US account."


"Straight forward easy and easy to follow process. I couldn't be happier with how fast I received my code."


"Fantastic service. Great value for money and speedy service"


"It was really easy doing business with itunesdirect I had my code instantly. Thank you very much, i now subscribe to HBO now through iTunes America and can watch Game of Thrones as soon as it airs."


"Love this website! U.S. ITUNES pricing & variety so much better than AUS!"


"I can get what I want, not wait the 1 year aus iTunes lag tells me I can have!!!!!"


"Brilliant idea folks!"


"You offer a fast, efficient and great service. You don't bombard me with emails everyday spouting on about how awesome you are. There are too many companies clogging up my inbox with that. You deliver what you offer in a straight forward and simple fashion. Thank you!"


"For a small premium I get great value from iTunes US. I was surprised at how easy and how quick the transaction-to-code in your hand is. iTunesDirect is Aussie 'fair dinkum.'"


"Safe, secure and always prompt - couldn't survive without it!"


"These guys are sensational - had my credit instantly as a new customer. I'll never have to pester friends over there again! Some of the most efficient service I've ever seen online, I couldn't recommend them highly enough."


"No longer do I have the pain of waiting months for tv shows or movies, instead I can watch them the second they become available in the US. It's like magic! SO grateful for itunesdirect and everything they do. And to top it off, their customer service is amazing and absolutely flawless too!"


"I used it for my self to purchase a couple of movies that I wanted to watch which wasn't available in AUS . Fast quick and no fuss and fair dinkum..."


"Very quick and flawless service provided. A very happy customer"


"Was looking for somewhere to buy US itunes cards and googled and came across iTunesDirect and have never looked back. They have prompt service and great deals and prices. Recommend them to all my friends and everyone I speak too. They are genuine and always great feedback from others so will keep using them so why don't you give them a try !!!"


"Before I had my US iTunes account, I was despairing at the thought of waiting months and months to watch TV Shows that were currently airing in the US (Agents of Shield, Orphan Black, Once Upon A Time, the list goes on...) but then this beautiful angel of a website came into my life and made my dreams a reality. So whether you have an unhealthy addiction to watching TV shows, or you simply want to punch a wall because everyone else in the world can watch movies that are still "Coming Soon" to the Australian store, this is the place for you."


"Coudn't be happier with having USiTunes Direct in my life so I can use it for US iTunes. Trustworthy, fast in replying with the code...just an overall great service. Thank you."


"Great prices and service."


"iTunesDirect is the best site to open up a whole world of entertainment for you and your family. A professional service from a professional company. I have complete confidence because they deliver all the time. Thank you"


"iTunesDirect is an easy, speedy way to achieve geo-coding-equality!"


"Legitimate, helpful, trustworthy and efficient what more could you want."


"A convenient Australian site to use, rather than hassle of US sites needing billing info etc. was quick and reliable service. I would use it again."


"Easy process, clear instructions and I got a quick response when I had a query. Very happy with the website"


"The delivery is always super quick and cards are always genuine. The prices are reasoanable and the option of paying through paypal adds additional security to the purchase!"


"iTunesDirect are the best! They are quick to deliver the US iTunes Card/s to your inbox and I find the priced reasonable, they are the only place I buy from now.

I had tried another site previously, I had to wait for the actual card to arrive in the post 2-3wksand they added fees on top of the iTunes card and exchange rate ... so a $50 US iTunes Card ended up costing closer to $75."


"Don't write many reviews but have been using itunesdirect for a couple of years now and have found them to be excellent. Prices mirror the exchange rate with a small premium for service - which is fair enough - and you have access to the far superior US iTunes Store and all of its benefits. The turnaround time is quick and the result reliable; the payment method is discreet & secure. Excellent product & service - recommend it unreservedly to all my friends & colleagues."


"I love iTunes Direct! Not only are they fast, the iTunes codes arrive in my email within a couple of hours usually; they are also inexpensive. There is not much of a mark-up between what iTunes charges and what iTunes Direct charge. They are trustworthy, and you can pay with PayPal for extra security. I have never once had any complaints about iTunes Direct. They provide a very fast, economical and convenient service for those of us who prefer to buy items from the U.S iTunes store. iTunes Direct is the only company I now use to supply me with iTunes codes."


"iTunesDirect is a fantastic service where us folks down-under can purchase US iTunes Gift Cards in order to purchase cheaper content. I mainly purchase audiobooks that are not published here for some bizarre reason."


"Works every time. great price."


"Always fair prices; quick delivery of codes and never a problem redeeming. What more could you want?"




"Great service. Speedy delivery of access codes. A+"


"100% reliable and trustworthy. Easy to purchase, fast delivery."


"Every time I've bought an iTunes Gift Card through iTunesDirect, the service has been consistently fast and thorough. Thanks guys!"


"A true blue Aussie company, providing a quick and genuine service."


"Gives us access to more stuff sooner and cheaper than we can get it in Australia"


"I found iTunes Direct to be extremely honest & sincere, as well as exceedingly useful to download stuff I wanted that was not available in AU, either yet or ever:-)"


"I read a lot of opinions on Whirlpool, and gave USiTunes a go as a result. Great service and the guys turn around the order within their specified time frames. Will continue to use them as it's all very easy."


"iTunes Direct has worked reliably every time and has saved me a packet."


"Excellent service at a dinkum price."


"I've used this service a couple of times now and you have always been quick to return the code to me. I started off with a small dollar amount but now I wouldn't hesitate in getting $50 cards. Apple iTunes Australia might rip me off with unfair pricing but USiTunes Direct saves me from this. Thanks and keep up the good work."


"Love this site. 100% legit and a great way to get the content you want without pirating it."


"I was skeptical but after ordering from these dudes about 4 times now, I can tell you they are legit."


"So trustworthy and ease of transaction. AAA+++"


"Cant fault the service, fast delivery of card codes and a good price, will be buying from again."


"I have used the service twice and both times it has been great. Quick turn around and the communication with iTunesDirect is fantastic. I will definitely be using the service again"


"Satisfied customer - iTunesDirect works exactly as advertised. An excellent way for Australians to buy credit on the US iTunes Store. Delivery of your code usually takes a few hours to arrive, and sometimes longer if your email address needs to be verified. For the few times when I've had to contact iTunesDirect to follow up on a code still to be delivered, they responded quickly & efficiently, and have ensured the code has arrived. 100% success rate for the 10 or so codes I've bought. And great to be dealing with an Australian company. Couldn't be happier."


"Simple, fast and most of all reliable service to purchase US iTunes credit. Get the Redeem code much faster than other sites."


"A great site, trustworthy, and gives you access to all the best the US has to offer!"


"I have been using for over a couple of years now. I have also been buys $100 cards 2 at a time and twice a month.

These guys have a super fast service and super fast turn around time from when you place your olrder. I have tried to uses other people but they just cause headaches.

If you want someone who will take care of you then these guys are the ones to use.

Regards, Brandon"

Benny About iTunesDirect

My Goal With iTunesDirect

I started US iTunesDirect in 2010 to give my Aussie mates access the US Apple iTunes store and get ripper deals on Music, TV shows, Movies and Apps up to 70% below cost and up to 12 months in advance of Aussie release dates. Since then we have passed 70,000+ orders and US iTunesDirect is gaining in popularity every single week as more Aussies discover the value. Once you give the US Apple iTunes Store a go, you will never go back! Cheers

, TAS, Founder & Owner