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How To Access US Hulu Through A US iTunes Account

When you follow these steps you get 30 days free with Hulu and after that it's $7.99US per month charged to your US iTunes account...which is, of course, funded through iTunes gift card codes.

Here is what you will need to get your Hulu subscription set up...

→ A US DNS service (We recommend Unlocator) This is the only service that we have used that seems to be on top of the Netflix/HBO Now crackdown.
→ A regular Aussie bought Apple TV, iPhone or iPad (The screenshots shown and setup here are from an Apple TV but iPhone and iPad works perfectly too)
→ A US iTunes account (if you havnt set one up check out our instructions on this first)


Here are the instructions with screenshots to set up your Hulu subscription

1. Make sure your Apple TV is set up and ready to go. See images below

2. Select the Settings menu and make sure your Apple TV location is set to United States.

3. Select the Settings menu and make sure you are signed in to your US iTunes Store Account.

4. Select the Hulu Menu and get started with your free trial

5. You now have a US Hulu account. Select a TV show or movie and watch!

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